Novel Updates – Please do not post on our behalf

Hello, everyone! Cai, little editor and all around admin here!

As I mentioned in this tweet, I requested that people please do not post to Novel Updates on our behalf. The reason is that the links posted all lead to the our blog post. This should NOT be the case. Links should lead to the novel chapter instead. I had earlier fixed Manhattanhenge links on NU already.

Today, we had two chapter updates so I wasn’t able to update Manhattanhenge’s NU page immediately. When I got to it, someone had already updated the link and guess what? It’s the wrong link. Again.

I am honestly grateful for the help but all this takes additional time and energy that can be used for other translation stuff and irl stuff (I have 2 school papers to write as i take the time to type this blog post, twitter post, AND fix the wrong links).


Update Regarding The Final Protectors + surprise chapter

Hello, everyone! Cao here!

As some of you might know, we dropped The Final Protectors early last year due to the JJWXC international website announcement. Since it’s been a year and there hasn’t been much information about it, we decided to pick this up again.

We’ve been considering this for a while, but wasn’t sure about it. But a couple of readers mentioned in the password request form and their emails about hoping that we pick it up again too, so that give us the final push to go through with it. (Thank you to those readers for showing interest and liking that novel enough too!)

Do note, however, that we are just a small team of two, both of whom are adults with busy lives. Juggling three projects with a regular update schedule is a little tough. So, we’ll update TFP irregularly. That means we don’t have a fixed schedule for updates. But we’ll try to get out at least one chapter every three months at the very least. Once we’re done with Wildhood Friends, TFP will have a regular update schedule.

In the meantime, please enjoy this surprise chapter update for TFP! This chapter was actually done and edited back last year, but after that whole hoo-ha about the international site, we just… did not post it, oops.

Manhattanhenge Chapter 12 & 13

Hello everyone! Since February is a short month that didn’t have a 30th, and Feb 28th is Su Hui’s birthday, it’s a double update!

Happy birthday, Su Hui! Here’s the link to chapter 12!

Also, do note that Cao has decided to not be lazy and spell out “ü” rather than keeping it to “u”. (Some other translators use “v” in replacement and that’s also how you type it with pinyin input, but it’s ugly-looking to Cao’s eyes.) So, Su Hui’s grandfather’s name has been changed from “Ji Tailu” to “Ji Tailü”. Previous chapters have been corrected to reflect that as well. This should be the only thing that’s affected for this novel.

We’ll slowly get to editing that for our other translations as well, but please bear with us as IRL has been exhausting.