Google Survey & Purchasing of Novels

Hello everyone! This is Cao!

As some of you may know, we hosted a survey last week, and we’re thankful to those who took the time to answer it! 

For those who are unaware of the discourse that sparked the survey, we won’t provide a summary of what happened. However, it is true that the discourse has negatively affected us. Hence the survey. (Also, we are aware that it’s July. The next chapter for TFP isn’t up yet, but it will be soon. It’s a little delayed as we spent some time pondering over this issue).

This post is a bit long, so here’s an outline of the post:

  1. About the posting of our fan translations & whether there is any change
  2. The issues outlined by the survey respondents that deter them from purchasing the novels
  3. Miscellaneous questions (If you’re a survey respondent who has asked a question in the survey, do check this section out)
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The Way of the Evil Last Extra + Mod Updates

Hi! Cao here, bringing to you the last extra for WoE, closing off with the side CP! We hope you all have enjoyed reading the series. As one of the first few works from priest, it’s a little rough around the edges, but personally, both of us have enjoyed it. Do share with us your thoughts of the series either on Twitter or in this post, if you would like.

As Cai mentioned in our previous post, this is our first translation project posted publicly, and I’m really grateful to Cai for indulging me. She oversaw our tedious editing process, and I’ve also shoved most of the administrative stuff, from the posting of the chapters to simply WordPress problems to her. So, please thank her as well!!

Once again, the last reminder to buy the novel if you enjoyed it! REMINDER: Now that WoE / Huai Dao is paid content, please support the series on JJWXC if you’ve enjoyed it. Don’t know how to buy the novel? Check out the guides here and here.

Now, on our future updates and posting schedules. 

Regarding WoE Audio drama which we had released EP1 sometime back, but we hadn’t updated it since we encountered issues with the youtube copyright. We’ll probably end up removing the copyrighted song in question, and resume the updates. Update schedule may be…. weekly, no promises though.

We’ll also be releasing more chapters for TFP. We’ve learned that biweekly updates are extremely taxing, so we’ll likely go for weekly updates. But we may throw in an extra chapter every now and then. HOWEVER, the change in posting schedules won’t be taking effect immediately as we’d like to take a small break first.

There’s a couple of short projects we’ll like to do as well, but we won’t be announcing the titles until the first chapters are out. One of them may be a certain author all of us are here for, but the other titles are far darker than the titles we’ve picked up so far. I hope you’ll support us for those titles as well!

The Way of the Evil Chapter 94

Hi, everyone! It’s Cai here and we’re finally on the final chapter of WoE! Although there is one more extra that would be posted in the near future, we have finally finished the main story of Huai Dao. Thank you all for reading until this far.

When Cao suddenly brought up the topic of maybe posting danmei translations, I immediately supported her although I could only offer my editing skills. As you can see we have come a long way in the quality of our translations and I hope we can continue to improve from here on out and that you can continue to support us as well.

Please expect the extra soon, maybe in the next 24 hours. We’ll let the last main chapter settle in first. In the meantime, here’s chapter 94!

REMINDER: Now that WoE / Huai Dao is paid content, please support the series on JJWXC if you’ve enjoyed it. Don’t know how to buy the novel? Check out the guides here and here.

The Final Protectors Chapter 16

Hello! Happy May, we’re a little late this time, I hope everyone is doing well! Here’s TFP’s Chapter 16! Updates for WoE should be up within the next 24 hours.

Next, we’ll like to talk about a couple of things for this novel. The previous chapters have been edited slightly.

One, we realized that in the later chapters, we were using inconsistent terms to refer to the monsters — an oversight on our part, we apologize. In the first draft, the translator, Cao, had originally gone with “derot” in referring to the monsters, but we ultimately settled on “Decay”. But unfortunately, the original choice had clearly been etched into Cao’s mind, as she completely forgot about it when translating new chapters. The previously posted chapters have been edited, with “Decay” as the term for the monsters.

Second, on Amy, as a character. We’ve made a post about this before, warning the mentions of transphobia in the novel, but did not explain our interpretations and choices in relation to her as a character. In short, originally, in the narrative voice and dialogue, we had used he/him pronouns to refer to Amy, but we’re changing it such that in the narrative voice, it’s the gender-neutral they/them, but he/him in the dialogue. Due to the length and subject matter, the explanation will be behind the page break. Do click page 2 to read our explanation.