ZMLM Chapters 11-15

Hello everyone! Hope you have been doing well and staying healthy! Here’s a batch update for ZMLM (no, we did not forget about this project). Please check it out over at the main project page.

We made a slight edit to the previous chapters. “Third Elementary” has been changed to “No. 3 Elementary” as that’s how China schools are rendered in English.

It took us longer than expected to get this out since IRL has been terrible, and we haven’t been able to fork out the time to clean up our original drafts for the chapters… Hopefully the next couple of updates won’t take us this long too.

On a side note, have you guys heard the theme song for the audio drama yet? Do take a listen if you’ve enjoyed the novel so far!

[Completed Project] Captivity 圈养

Hello! Hope all of you have been staying safe and healthy. At the point of writing this, Cao has just tested positive for COVID…. Anyway, this time, we’re bringing you all a brand new project, Captivity (圈养) by Tui (颓), which means all the chapters are done and up.

The chapters are not password-locked as the novel has been posted as a free novel on the original site. But please make sure to read the content warnings properly (if you require them). This novel is rated and not for the light-hearted.

We started working on this since Cao wanted to try out a darker novel (and break away from priest novels, though by the time we posted this, we’re already working on ZMLM). But yes, if you’re not fond of yanderes and dark content, it’s probably not suited for you.

This project has actually been delayed for literal months. The first drafts of all the chapters were done in July 2021, but both of us have just been really lazy and also irl matters got the hold of us. Only about two months ago or so did we decide to get our butt down to it.

Hope you guys enjoy it! Please again read the warnings properly before you decide to read it.

Zhu Mu Lang Ma Chapters 3-10

Hello everyone, hope you all have been doing well so far this year. To celebrate the first episode of Zhu Mu Lang Ma’s audio drama, we decided to post up to chapter 10 of ZMLM too!

As mentioned in a previous announcement, the chapters are password locked due to That One Situation, so email or DM us for the password. Updates are resuming, but they’ll probably be posted in batches like this. We may go back to single-chapter updates once we get more information regarding That One Situation. We hope to seek your understanding.

Please also send some appreciation to my poor editor, Cai, who was forced to go through 8 chapters of massive editing within a single weekend due to Cao’s hounding upon the audio drama announcement last week.

If you enjoy the story so far, do support Wu Zhe by donating to them on their other novels or have a listen to the audio drama (which is extremely adorable). The first episode covers up to chapter 5, and each episode will be posted every Monday.

Announcement regarding all translation projects

If you haven’t heard yet, JJWXC has announced an international site for translations of the novels hosted on the site. A run-down of what it’s like can be found here.

Although we’re just a small site translating somewhat unknown novels, after some thinking, we’ve decided to take precautions and privated all the chapters for WoE/Huai Dao and TFP just in case. This is to prevent potential piracy where someone may steal our translations, post it on the site and make profit off it.

As such, please also consider TFP permanently dropped.

As for ZMLM, as we’re still uncertain if locked novels will be made available in the international version, we’ve also decided to password lock it. If locked novels remain inaccessible in the international site (likely, considering that the international site apparently follows all the rules in the CN version), we will still continue to translate it. For now, the translation for this project has been paused as well.

We apologize for this sudden announcement and hope to seek your understanding. If there happens to be any saved copies of our translation, we kindly ask you to not spread it around. Thanks!

Zhu Mu Lang Ma Chapter 2

Cao: Oops, my hand slipped and translated a whole chapter.

Surprise update came really fast and early. Here’s chapter 2 of ZMLM!

We said monthly updates, but more accurately, it’s “at least one chapter a month, but maybe, just maybe we will update more than a chapter a month. No promises though.”

They are absolutely adorable, and it’s too hard NOT to get another chapter out this fast.

New Project: Zhu Mu Lang Ma by Wu Zhe

Hi everyone! Hello to November and we’re bringing you a new project, Zhu Mu Lang Ma (竹木狼马) by the author, Wu Zhe! Please check out the project page here, and the first chapter is already up.

Update schedule will be monthly, just like for TFP, but a surprise update might spring up now and then, depending on how hectic our IRL lives are.

Mostly picked up because we realized that we probably need another translation project to maintain our drive for translation, so here’s a favorite from Cao. (And it’s also a weird form of protest from Cao, given that Wu Zhe’s most popular novel, SAYE, was locked last week…) The novel is unfortunately already locked on the official site, but if possible, please tip Wu Zhe by buying bombs on any of their other novels that are still up.

If you need any help to tip the authors or support the authors in any way, feel free to drop us a message. We’ll do our best to help.