The Final Protectors Chapter 2

We’ve reached the end of January (time flies by so fast) and the end of the month brings with it another chapter of TFP!

But before that, some points to consider regarding this novel/translation. Very important, please read these points and warnings first before proceeding to chapter 2.

We tried to make the TL sound even more natural in English (more than WoE) because of the western setting of the novel. (Do note there may be more things lost in translation as such; though we’ll endeavor not to lose too much meaning in the TL)

A sensitive topic next: There is a transgender character introduced in this chapter and to be frank with you all, the treatment of her character may come across as transphobic. Along with the misuse of pronouns, some may feel the air of transphobia from the characters in the novel too. We are putting a heavy spoiler for the entire novel regarding this character after a page break in this post. We shall leave it to the readers’ discretion on whether you would like to read the spoiler or not. Please only click on the page break if you deem it necessary to see if you can handle reading a novel with this depiction of a transgender character.

Also, please take note that this novel was written in 2011, where people were still not as informed about LGBT. We also have an in-depth explanation for the reasons behind our pronoun translation choices regarding Amy.

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