The Final Protectors Chapter 16

Hello! Happy May, we’re a little late this time, I hope everyone is doing well! Here’s TFP’s Chapter 16! Updates for WoE should be up within the next 24 hours.

Next, we’ll like to talk about a couple of things for this novel. The previous chapters have been edited slightly.

One, we realized that in the later chapters, we were using inconsistent terms to refer to the monsters — an oversight on our part, we apologize. In the first draft, the translator, Cao, had originally gone with “derot” in referring to the monsters, but we ultimately settled on “Decay”. But unfortunately, the original choice had clearly been etched into Cao’s mind, as she completely forgot about it when translating new chapters. The previously posted chapters have been edited, with “Decay” as the term for the monsters.

Second, on Amy, as a character. We’ve made a post about this before, warning the mentions of transphobia in the novel, but did not explain our interpretations and choices in relation to her as a character. In short, originally, in the narrative voice and dialogue, we had used he/him pronouns to refer to Amy, but we’re changing it such that in the narrative voice, it’s the gender-neutral they/them, but he/him in the dialogue. Due to the length and subject matter, the explanation will be behind the page break. Do click page 2 to read our explanation.

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