The Way of the Evil Chapter 94

Hi, everyone! It’s Cai here and we’re finally on the final chapter of WoE! Although there is one more extra that would be posted in the near future, we have finally finished the main story of Huai Dao. Thank you all for reading until this far.

When Cao suddenly brought up the topic of maybe posting danmei translations, I immediately supported her although I could only offer my editing skills. As you can see we have come a long way in the quality of our translations and I hope we can continue to improve from here on out and that you can continue to support us as well.

Please expect the extra soon, maybe in the next 24 hours. We’ll let the last main chapter settle in first. In the meantime, here’s chapter 94!

REMINDER: Now that WoE / Huai Dao is paid content, please support the series on JJWXC if you’ve enjoyed it. Don’t know how to buy the novel? Check out the guides here and here.

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