—About & FAQ

A site bringing you cnovel translations. WOC from the Chinese netslang ‘woc’, shortened from ‘wo cao’ 卧槽 (‘F*CK’). But of course it does not actually mean that… It’s most definitely just short for 我草/我菜, meaning I am Cao (Grass) / I am Cai (Veggies) —— Yes, that is absolutely grammatical Chinese, I don’t know what you mean.

This translation team is named as such as the translator goes through periods of heavy swearing while translating.


——Can I use your work to translate into another language?

No. We feel that using translated text to further translate into a third language would incur loss of nuance and meaning. We take some liberties in our translation, trying to find a balance between accuracy and good flow in English so it would not be good to use our work as a reference for further translations.

——May I repost your work to other websites?

Please do not repost to anywhere else. Reposting to any website is not allowed. If you spot our translations on any other site that is not this wordpress blog, it’s a repost and please do not support them. This is especially as at times, the previously posted chapters would still undergo some editing, and we won’t be able to ensure that the postings on the other website can be updated as well.

Do not repost to another website. (You have to say the important things thrice.)

——Can I take over your project?

In case in which you wish to take over the project, please feel free to do your own translations. We do not participate in translation drama and if you wish to churn out chapters faster than we do, please go ahead. Though, please take note that we will not drop any of our projects.

——Do you have a fixed schedule for posting updates?

Update time will be sporadic as this team currently only has one translator and one editor. We are not looking for new members (perhaps unless you know us personally).

That being said, update time will be generally be fixed as far as possible. Please check the respective project pages for the update frequency. We will try to stick to these schedules as much as possible.

——Why did you translate XX into YY? (I feel like ZZ is a better choice)

As mentioned, we are quite new to this but we try our best to give accurate translations. And though it is impossible to fully translate into a second language, we still endeavor to be faithful to the original as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us should you have concerns with word choice and such.

——Why do you include all the Author’s Notes (The Author Has Something To Say)? I don’t think they’re necessary.

Yes, while some of them are only relevant in the author’s time of update and may not affect the reading of the novel in any way, we find that it adds to the fun as we gain insights to the author’s personality and character.

Can you help me regarding this matter about purchasing the raws?

Yes, happily! As mentioned in this post, just reach out to us with your specific question.

——For other concerns not addressed here, please drop us a message or a tweet!

You may contact us through:

• email (woctranslations@gmail.com)
• twitter (@woctranslations)
• curiouscat (@woctranslations)
• youtube (woc translates)
• Ko-fi (Ko-fi.com/woctranslations)


About Cao (Grass)

Just someone trying to practice the art of translation. I’m rather new to this, so do forgive me if I make any mistakes. Feel free to reach out to me if you wish to correct any mistranslations, or would like to consult on our translation choices.

About Cai (Veggie)

I am Cao’s full time veggie (hehe) and part-time editor and also a digital artist in times of need. I’ve been into creative writing my whole life but it’s my first time editing for a translation. My translator and I are newbies at this but we’ll do our best! I hope you enjoy the fruits of our hard work.