Way of the Evil Chapter 85

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The Judge 8

Sheng Yao checked all around, and rubbed his slightly sharp jaw. He stood up to pour himself a cup of water. “Cap, there’s none.”

Shen Yexi was speaking quietly with Li Jingrong and for a moment, he did not understand. He paused. “Ah? What’s none?”

“Those people you told me to check.” Sheng Yao blinked his slightly dry eyes. “I’ve checked them all. Seems like this Inspector Zhang’s vast number of intimate female friends did not have that high a social status either. Most of them didn’t even finish middle school before they left and  messed around. There were even a number who weren’t all that clean…”

Holding his own neck, he arched backwards to hear a few cracks of his bone. Yang Man said coolly, “Sheng-gongzi, when at work, you sit in front of the computer and work. And when you’re not at work, you sit in front of the computer and play games. One day, you’ll die on this chair.”

Sheng Yao replied without thinking, “That’ll be terrible. If I die on the chair, how many beautiful women’s hearts would I break? Would Beauty Yang bear to part with me?”

Yang Man finally got herself free from webs of human relationships that caused her a great headache, and relaxed momentarily. So, with a high-pitched voice, she continued to tease, “Oh, you sweetheart, you’ve experienced all the beauties in the realm, yet, how unfortunate that in the end, you fell in a… Their hands. The glass hearts of all the beauties in the world have long been shattered. Sigh, back then, this servant…”

The locals had already gotten used to this, but the few outsiders truly felt that… at such a serious situation, and in a place that theoretically should have an anxious atmosphere, to have such out of place voices was a little appalling.

Seeing that Meng Jiayi’s face was already half-green, Shen Yexi coughed lightly, shooting Yang Man a look, telling her to restrain herself. Then, he asked Sheng Yao, “Other than the ones with criminal records, what about the rest?”

“Most of the rest are just nearby small shop owners, and students of vocational schools… Oh, speaking of which, there are even minors on the list.”

“Among the vocational school students, are there any in medical and related training?”

Sheng Yao shook his head.

Sheng Yexi fell silent.

“Then, what about the rest?” Jiang Hu suddenly put down the items in his hands, and stepped into the conversation.

“What do you mean by ‘the rest’?” Sheng Yao was blank. “I’ve checked the whole name list.”

“Are there any that’s not on the list? For instance, you might have found it too unbelievable, too irrelevant that you’ve eliminated them like they were rumors?” Jiang Hu spoke slowly, seemingly intentional but yet, also offhandedly. “Mhm… For example, your colleagues and such.”

“…Hah?” Sheng Yao was dumbfounded but instantly understood — was Jiang Hu implying that he suspected the perpetrator to be someone in the police force? Sheng Yao paused and glanced at Shen Yexi whom he found was looking at him too. Earlier, he felt that Shen Yexi’s allocation of the members was a little strange. Normally speaking, since Jiang Hu was a “criminal psychology consultant”, his skills would be more applicable for the serial killer section, wouldn’t it?

If so… did it mean that Captain Shen had sufficient reason to believe that the murder here was not simply a murder done out of a personal motive, but was even done by their people?

Astonishment and shock only flashed past Sheng Yao’s mind, before he instantly understood and nodded, “Oh. Let me make a call. I’ll get someone to ask around.”

He had just left the door when Meng Jiayi turned to tell Shen Yexi with furrowed brows, “Captain Shen, normally, I shouldn’t say this, and perhaps it’s because I’m getting on with my years. My old-fashioned way of thinking may prevent me from keeping up with the times, but I cannot help but think that our law enforcement officers should still take note of our words and behavior, right? Although we don’t need to be too old-fashioned, we shouldn’t be so… coquettish, right?”

Yang Man’s face instantly darkened.

Shen Yexi quickly gave her a look — Yang-jie, quell your anger, think of the current situation!

Next to her, Su Junzi grabbed Yang Man silently too. A cold glint flashed in Yang Man’s long, delicate eyes. She lowered her eyes, mentally cursing, you sure fucking care about many things. You even said it while emphasizing on your age. Do you also care about the shit that bulls shat out?—“Note of our words and behavior”? “Coquettish”? I wasn’t even flirting with you!

Even Feng Ji felt slightly uncomfortable. In truth, he was a proper sort of person. Yang Man and Sheng Yao’s unfiltered jokes earlier had given him a shock too. But even if you did not like it, you should bring it up in private. How could you say it in front of the offenders themselves? She was a woman too, so a word like “coquettish” was too excessive. He could not help frowning at Meng Jiayi.

Li Jingrong coughed too. “Old Meng, let’s continue the discussion of the case. They’re young after all. Joking around could lighten up the atmosphere too, right…”

Meng Jiayi seemed unaware that others were giving him a way out of the situation. “You can’t say that for sure. We…”

There seems to be no end to this triviality. Shen Yexi hurriedly laughed and diverted the topic deftly. “Our office is full of young people, so we usually joke around. We weren’t paying attention earlier and let Captain Meng see an embarrassing moment. Oh, look, it’s already 2pm. Look, oh, that’s my fault for forgetting the time. Let’s take a break, and talk about our progress… Mn, Yang-jie, Yining, I’ll trouble you to get some coffee for everyone to rejuvenate us, yes?”

Jiang Hu laughed discreetly—This pretentious show-off. But he was unexpectedly caught by Shen Yexi who glared at him in response. All the while, Shen Yexi to himself, why was he so alluring with his eyes curved at you and his head a little lowered? This was broad daylight, but it was truly provoking him. So, Shen Yexi coughed softly and asked grimly, “Jiang Hu, how was your review of Zheng Yujie’s case?”

“We have some thoughts. Back then, my understanding of this case might not be very comprehensive,” Jiang Hu said.

“Weren’t you hospitalized for accidentally being dragged into this explosion incident back then?” Su Junzi nicely explained to the few unknowing officers, “It was a chain of bus explosion cases that happened in this city. We found out later that the bomber was also the culprit of a few family murders. Triggered by something she experienced, she intentionally placed small bombs when children were present to observe the people’s reactions before choosing her target. She worked in a zoo, and stole a strong anesthesia to break into the target’s house and kill the entire family. The murders were very cruel. And the walls in that case were written with the word “Judgement” too.

“This killer… How was she cruel? Why did she kill?” Li Jingrong asked.

“The adults were excessively chopped up, but the children were better. They died more peacefully. The entire house was in red.” Su Junzi frowned, seemingly unwilling to recall it. “Her motive… Her motive seemed to be because her child died in a human stampede, right?”

“When did this happen?” Li Jingrong asked again.

“A year ago, I think…” Su Junzi racked his brain.

“Then, were her victims also in the police force?” Meng Jiayi asked.

Jiang Hu shook his head. “No, her victims took buses. They were adults who would push the child aside and run for their lives at the first fake explosion sound. But I suddenly find this very strange…”

At this time, Yang Man and An Yining entered with a large tray of coffee, and gave them out, effectively interrupting Jiang Hu. Yang Man extended one to him, and he was about to take it when she suddenly pulled the cup back and fondled his face. Her black-painted nails lifted his chin. “You’re just going to take it like this, little cutie? What should you say to jiejie?”

Earlier, Meng Jiayi had commented without giving her respect, and she remained offended until now. Thus, she intentionally tried to anger Meng Jiayi, teasing Jiang Hu in an angle that he could see clearly. My words and behavior are just this coquettish, so what!

Jiang Hu was flabbergasted before immediately understanding her intention. He coughed dryly, “Er… Uh, thank you, Yang-jie.”

Desiring for a greater reaction, Yang Man balanced the tray with one hand while her free hand gripped Jiang Hu’s chin as she moved closer. “Just a thank you? How about you give jiejie a smooch, hm?”

This was too much. This time, Jiang Hu’s face really turned scarlet.

Shen Yexi broke into a coughing fit—Yang Man, careful there. Teasing my wife in front of me, do you think I’m dead?!

Yang Man whipped her head around gracefully, winking at Shen Yexi. “Oh, Head Shen. The chicken from lunch didn’t have its feathers pucked properly, did it? Look at how hard you’re choking. Let this servant massage your back in a short moment.”

An Yining was painfully holding back laughter. Su Junzi could envision that he could not get out of this unharmed, so he started to seriously lower his presence to that of a passerby. He did not even raise his head, but Yang Man did not let him off. After throwing flirtatious glances at Shen Yexi, she began to open fire at Su Junzi, asking coyly, “Oh, Su-ge, how does it taste? This servant’s skills have not gotten worse, have they?”

Su Junzi nodded, responding with a silly, but straightforward smile. “Delicious, delicious.”

—This person remained a professional passerby.

“How does it compare to your wife’s?” Yang Man still did not spare him, blinking her eyes, her long lashes fluttering about like little butterflies. The lingering tone of her voice could give one three days’ worth of goosebumps. “Inferior to hers, I’d assume?”

Su Junzi continued to smile goodnaturedly. “You’re being modest, you’re being modest.”

—A veteran, as expected.

Only then did Yang Man give Meng Jiayi an arrogant look, putting the coffee neither lightly or hard on his table. Without making a noise, she returned to her seat full of brightness.

Meng Jiayi’s face was darker than the coffee in his cup.

“Jiang Hu, continue…” Shen Yexi rubbed his brows.

After Yang Man’s interruption, Jiang Hu nearly forgot his lines. Feng Ji reminded him at the side, “Dr. Jiang, what did you think was very weird?”

“Oh.” Jiang Hu came back to reality. “Back then, the case was too rushed. After we found the killer, she died unexpectedly, so we didn’t have a chance to communicate with her. But we deduced that she killed families because of a second personality, and her second personality was formed on the foundation of rage, resentment and such emotions lacking in a sense of security.”

“Is that wrong?” Shen Yexi asked.

“Back then, we didn’t get the chance to prove this speculation. But I just remembered that as a child’s mother, to have her child die during a human stampede when she brought her child to the movies, from Zheng Yujie’s character, it shouldn’t just be resentment, right?”

Su Junzi was a parent too, and understood after a moment. “You’re saying that as a parent, she would feel guilty for not taking care of her child?”

“Yes, just…” Jiang Hu was about to continue when the office door was suddenly pushed open with a great might. Sheng Yao walked in. From his face, he must have discovered something bad.

“Comrades, I just called Nancheng sub-bureau to ask for a friend working there.” Sheng Yao’s mischievous smiling face was gone. His speech was rapid, expression solemn. “Captain Shen, when you guys were there, was there a female forensic investigator named Qian Sha?”

“Forensic Detective Qian? Isn’t she the one who was responsible for the autopsy…”

“Yes. The person I asked earlier told me that there were rumors in the bureau that when alive, Zhang Xiaoqian seemed to always grope Qian Sha. There were even rumors that Qian Sha had reported that Zhang Xiaoqian had raped her. But, they didn’t know if the rumors were real, or if Zhang Xiaoqian’s family had the background to suppress it.,” Sheng Yao spoke as rapidly as a bullet train. “This is the only woman I could find with a medical background and had an unclear relationship with Zhang Xiaoqian.”

Everyone was floored.

Shen Yexi immediately dialed the number Inspector Wang left him. “Hello, Xiao Wang? I’m Shen Yexi, I have something to ask Forensic Detective Qian. Is she there?”

The other end remained silent for a moment, likely to call for her. After a while, they heard Shen Yexi say, “Oh… Alright, got it. Tell her when she comes back that I need her for something. Alright, thanks.”

Shen Yexi hung up the call. “Don’t make it public. Yining, inform Chief Mo, in case there’s any conflict between us and the sub-bureau later on. We’ll go and find her right now.”

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