Way of the Evil Chapter 87

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The Judge 10

“Captain Shen.” Feng Ji pushed his way through the people. Shen Yexi had been leaning against the wall sloppily and trying to get Xiao Wang to talk. But once he saw his expression, he could not help being caught off-guard.

“Captain Shen, Qian Sha is dead.”

“What?!”—This was the unanimous reaction of the three present.

Shen Yexi crashed the empty coke bottle and threw it into the trash bin in the corridor, face extremely grave. “Lead me there.”

Qian Sha’s corpse was already icy cold. The forensics determined that it was already an hour or two since her death at the very least. There were two wounds on her: a knife wound on her chest and another on her abdomen. It was impossible for the washroom door to be locked from the outside. Out of fear of being discovered, the killer even taped the inside. It was not firm, but it could not be merely pushed open. However, after Yang Man’s kick, the door came off completely.

Everyone in the sub-bureau was alarmed—this was truly too unprecedented. A murderer had actually come to the police station to kill. It was practically the boldest murderer in all history.

Shen Yexi sucked in a deep breath, face looking a little unpleasant. He quietly ordered the people to block the onlookers outside and isolate everyone for interrogation. Jiang Hu stood a slight distance away, both arms crossed as he leaned at the corner of the washroom. His eyes stared at the corpse on the ground. This was a slightly alarmed posture. Ever since his rough examination of Qian Sha’s body, he had maintained this look as he thoughtfully stood at a corner.

“How is it?” Su Junzi walked to his side. “Do you still think she’s the killer?”

“I only know she didn’t commit suicide to escape punishment.” Jiang Hu’s voice was exceedingly soft. His lips barely moved. “Did you see the shape of the tape on the door that hid the corpse?”

Su Junzi seemed to have thought of something, his brows furrowing. “Those… X’s?”

“Those aren’t X’s. There are traces  of being cut before. If you look closer, you’ll understand that the killer’s motive was to make a butterfly bow.” Jiang Hu’s voice turned even quieter, it was almost a whisper. His gaze scanned the workers busy at work. “This body is a present given to us by the killer.”

He paused before he asked quietly again, “Why do you think Qian Sha died here at this specific time?”

Su Junzi turned to glance at him, suppressing his voice too. “You mean that…”

Jiang Hu softly put his index on his lips. Then, he patted Su Junzi’s shoulder and walked past him with a whisper so soft he could barely hear, “They’re demonstrating their might. Be careful.”

Su Junzi’s face had always been unchanging: smiling, saint-like, simply a face of a good person. But now, an indescribable sharpness appeared on his face. He stilled and thought of something. Then, he turned for Qian Sha’s office.

Sheng Yao was typing on Qian Sha’s computer, with Li Jingrong watching at the side and letting out occasional gasps of admiration.

“Qian Sha died?” This was Sheng Yao’s first words.

Su Junzi nodded at Li Jingrong in indication and came closer too. “How are things?”

“Nothing much. There isn’t even an operating system, and the directory is even cleaner than my own pocket… Oh, right. I saw a handwritten farewell letter or whatever in her drawer just now.” Sheng Yao did not even raise his head. “I didn’t have the time to study it, so I got someone to appraise it. You guys can examine it later. As for the other things, I have to see if I can recover them.”

A thought struck Su Junzi’s and he suddenly asked, “If it was all deleted like that, was there a Trojan?”

“Trojan? Let me see… Hm?” Sheng Yao responded without thinking. His brows furrowed as he muttered, “I don’t think so… I thought they were just hidden, but were they really deleted?”

But in the next moment, Sheng Yao’s fingers stilled. He raised his head to look at Su Junzi, and found none of the usual relaxing smile on his partner’s familiar face. Sheng Yao’s heart could not help but jump slightly—Who was Su Junzi? The renowned Cheng Yaojin in the bureau when it came to computers. Because legend said that comrade Cheng Yaojin only knew three moves with his axe. In terms of computers, Su Junzi only knew how to do three things—turn it on, turn it off, and play minesweeper.

So, once he spoke, Sheng Yao  immediately sensed something amiss. Su Junzi absolutely would not act like he knew what he did not know. For a term like “Trojan”, the only knowledge this brother held was that it was a legendary computer virus.

So, what was his intention in bringing it up right now?

The Trojan Horse—the Greeks who infiltrated Troy had caused no end of trouble.

Having been partners for many years, they already could read each other’s mind. Sheng Yao’s expression within that instant told Su Junzi that he had already understood and was well-aware of it. So, he nodded. “Can you fix it?”

“I can try. If not even I could fix it, you guys can just give up hope.” Sheng Yao whistled and winked at him. His tone was rather arrogant. “Because no one will be able to fix it.”

Su Junzi looked at his curved, crinkled eyes and he smiled. Now that this person had shedded the faint aura of gloom, he was truly becoming increasingly dazzling. That was good.

He turned to leave, only to see An Yining walk over with large strides. “What Sheng Yao found is Qian Sha’s notes. There’s a detailed description of how she killed him. But…”


“It’s incomplete.” An Yining said, “A page in the middle was taken away. There was only how she castrated and killed Zhang Xiaoqian after subduing him, and nothing else. I can’t stop finding it a little strange. Why was only the section of how she kidnapped Zhang Xiaoqian gone?”

“This whole thing from start to end smells of wickedness.” Su Junzi whispered. “Be careful…”

“I know.” An Yining interrupted his words. After a pause, she deliberately changed the topic. “We just gave Jiang Hu Qian Sha’s farewell letter.”

Jiang Hu had probably already hinted to her. Su Junzi nodded.

It was the first time the officers in Nancheng’s sub-bureau were investigated as suspects. The entrance of the bureau was guarded strictly, leaving or entering required registration. And at times, they even needed to show their ID. There was a protective fence around, and Yang Man led some people to conduct a thorough investigation. People with time on their hands and such climbing over the fence did not seem so likely and probable. So, it was highly possible that this killer was someone working in the sub-bureau.

With a grave expression, the chief of the sub-bureau went with Shen Yexi and managed the process of interrogation. The old man wiped away the sweat on his forehead. The public security sub-bureau in Nancheng was truly a high division that served the citizens. It had only been this short amount of time before two murder cases had occurred. And one of the victims might even be the killer of the other victim, and the killer of that killer was highly likely to be someone working there.

With this, the scandal that had been suppressed was exposed again.

Such a sexual and violent three-way relationship had materialized from a K-drama into reality just like this—the lazy, idle pig that was the sub-bureau chief, Wei Yingxian, felt that he was truly getting old. His imagination could not even keep up with the times anymore. Especially when Shen Yexi asked him while deeply examining him, “Regarding this rumor of Qian Sha being sexually assaulted by Zhang Xiaoqian, does Chief Wei have any theories?”

“There may be a misunderstanding,” Wei Yingxian said extremely innocently, simple-minded.

“A misunderstanding—” Shen Yexi dragged out the word, staring at Wei Yingxian meaningfully.

Shen Yexi’s pupils were of an extreme blackness. Wei Yingxian found the gaze this young man directed on himself was akin to a small knife that coldly pressed against his fat-filled skin. Old Wei was infuriated now, mentally grumbling that he was someone of significant status in Nancheng. Where did this youngster come from? He even spoke with the tone of interrogating a criminal? How utterly insensible.

“Perhaps this did happen, but I’m not very clear about it.” Wei Yingxian faked a laugh. “Xiao Shen ah, look at how busy our work is. Nancheng is such a big place that we have to deal with both major and minor things. The higher-ups even gives us paperwork every three days. For such a small conflict between the colleagues…”

Shen Yexi looked at him coldly.

“Comrade Shen Yexi, I believe our energy should be spent on this severe murder case. Why do you keep focusing on these trivial affairs?” Wei Yingxian sighed, tone earnest and sincere. “Young people are quite anxious to succeed, that is understandable. But you have to attach the most importance to the present situation. The serial killings this time are very nasty, and could create the most abominable effect on society. With how tight we are on time and the severity of the job, do you truly want to waste the time you could use to work on the case just for these rumors of unknown credibility…”

Hurried knocks came from the door, interrupting Wei Yingxian’s words.

Wei Yingxian turned his head irritably to see Jiang Hu standing by the door. Jiang Hu glanced at him and gave him a beaming smile.

The smile left Wei Yingxian feeling a little chilly. He did not quite understand. “This colleague, did you need something?”

Jiang Hu looked at him with a faint unsmiling smile and took a step in. As he changed the angle in the dim corridor lights, his spectacle glass refracted the light and concealed his eyes. But the gaze on him felt unremovable like a maggot in his skin. And with the skin that was overly pale for the yellow-colored races, it made him seem a little ghastly. Wei Yingxian furrowed his brows, and could not help avoiding his gaze.

Jiang Hu unhurriedly said, “Captain Shen, Chief Mo personally visited with a few people that I don’t know personally but they’re not from our bureau. Apparently, they came specifically for those… Mn, unpleasant rumors spread from the sub-bureau—” He paused and casted a glance at Wei Yingxian who was letting out cold sweat. “Oh, my, Chief Wei, do you feel warm?”

Shen Yexi grinned, because he found Jiang Hu’s expression when he was playing dirty tricks attractive. It made him want to pull him into his arms to massage him—Of course, that was as long as the dirty tricks were not meant for him.

Jiang Hu considered. “The ones who came seemed to be our higher-ups… What kind of higher-ups? Oh gosh, I’m sorry. See, Chief Wei, it’s only been a few years since I’m back in the country, but I still can’t figure out the staffing structure in the country.”

Wei Yingxian’s face was stiff, and he managed to make a smile worse than a crying face.

“I told them that Chief Wei was giving us his cooperation. Chief Mo said to get the technicians to check Chief Wei’s computer. Look—” He put on a rather troubled expression. He looked at Wei Yingxian and glanced outside before giving an innocent smile.

There were only three words in Wei Yingxian’s mind—he’s done for.

Shen Yexi chuckled softly, pulling out the cord attached to his laptop before he gave the laptop to Jiang Hu. While doing so, he even pinched his hand—Good job.

Jiang Hu shot him a few blinks. Taking it, he turned and left—he had only given it an extra push, and Shen Yexi was actually the crafty one. Since the time Sheng Yao mentioned the rumor between Qian Sha and Zhang Xiaoqian, Captain Shen, who always acted according to the situation, understood there was a problem in Wei Yingxian’s way of doing things. So, he had informed Mo Cong. Whether overtly or secretly, he had already planned things, and was only waiting for this Chubby Wei to jump in.

Jiang Hu offhandedly shoved Wei Yingxian’s computer at the technicians, and pulledShen Yexi to the side. “Yexi, I want to meet someone.”

Shen Yexi looked at him, satisfied, and whispered under his breath, “You finally know who’s boss, hah. It’s been over a year, and at last, you’ve learned to report before moving on your own—who?”

“It’s highly likely that Zheng Yujie’s case is linked to this one, but since the perpetrator was dead, I did end up remembering someone else.” Jiang Hu blinked. “Song Xiaofeng—”

The author has something to say:

I was doing homework until 12.30 yesterday, and had to continue struggling early in the morning today. I’m finally done with one class, but there are still three more… Mn, I’m all worked up now!!!

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