Way of the Evil Chapter 88

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The Judge 11

“You mean…” Shen Yexi only managed two words before Jiang Hu stopped him with a hand on his mouth.

Jiang Hu furrowed and scanned his surroundings, lowering his voice, “Be softer. We can’t let that person move ahead of us. Do you still remember that when we checked Zhiliao Teahouse, we found out Song Xiaofeng who had delusional disorder also went to that teahouse?”

Shen Yexi nodded, but felt a little frisky. Jiang Hu’s hand was a little cool. Only the spot in the center of his palm had some warmth, and that spot was ghosting over his lips then. He could not resist sticking his tongue out to lightly lick it. As if he had been electrocuted, Jiang Hu fiercely pulled back his hand, and glared at Shen Yexi, so troubled that he did not know what to do.

Shen Yexi’s tongue licked his lips all around. As if he had tasted some delicacy, he gave him a very shameless shit-eating grin.

Jiang Hu was unfortunately at a loss for words from sheer anger.

Shen Yexi reminded him with a good heart, “Did you want to talk about Song Xiaofeng’s gun and how its origin is unknown even until now?”

Jiang Hu really wanted to jump him and scratch him.

Shen Yexi’s wide grin revealed his rows of white teeth. He flicked his forehead. “Hey, hey, talk business, don’t wander off—it’s broad daylight, what are you thinking, hm?”

If it was not for the urgent situation, Jiang Hu actually wanted to ask, Shen Yexi, do you know how to spell the word “shameless”? He rolled his eyes, feeling that the frequency of doing this action recently had clearly increased. He took two steps back to maintain a safe distance from Shen Yexi. Only then, he said, “If our deductions regarding Ke Ruhui and the serial killings are correct, I think their plan started since long ago. Before it officially started, those people were like experimental subjects.”

“But both Song Xiaofeng and Zheng Yujie aren’t police,” Shen Yexi stopped teasing him and responded seriously.

Jiang Hu pushed his glasses, but his gaze fell to the side before returning swiftly.

Shen Yexi paused, brows furrowing slightly, questioning Jiang Hu through his gaze.

Jiang Hu sucked in a deep breath and leaned against the corridor wall with arms crossed. His tone did not change. “There’s no problem in the crime characteristics in Zheng Yujie’s case. Although Song Xiaofeng failed to murder, his link to Ke Ruhui does exist. To be prudent, it’s best if we investigate this person—where is he right now?”

“Wuyuan—it’s the mental hospital in the suburbs.” Shen Yexi seemed to hesitate, and kept the volume of his voice extremely low. “What he did didn’t cause any real casualties for the people. And since he was not quite mentally stable, the people unanimously agreed not to demand him to take responsibility, so, nothing big happened after that. But, taking Song Xiaofeng’s mental condition into consideration, it’s not right to let him out to cause further harm, so he’s undergoing treatment right now. What? You want to visit him?”

Jiang Hu nodded.

Shen Yexi raised his hand to look at his watch and muttered, “How about this? It’s a little late right now. So, I’ll bring you there tomorrow?”

“But if it’s tomorrow, wouldn’t…”

“Just one day later won’t be a problem. If you’re worried…” Shen Yexi walked over to grab his shoulders to drag him along. “Let’s not tell the others first.”

It was only when the two were in the lodge downstairs that Shen Yexi’s mischievous smile vanished. He whispered a question in Jiang Hu’s ear, “Is the person listening in just now that person?”

“I think there’s a possibility.”

Shen Yexi nodded. “Who the hell is that ungrateful bastard who bit the hand that fed them?”

But Jiang Hu didn’t respond to his question. After some contemplation, he suddenly said, “Yexi, I actually remembered another case earlier which might have something to do with this one.”

Stunned, Shen Yexi turned to examine Jiang Hu’s expression. He did not appear to be joking. “Seriously?”

“This person’s way of killing is also very brutal, with signs of excessive violence…”

Shen Yexi interrupted him. “We can talk about the rest later, get to the point. Were there bloody words? Was the victim also a police officer?”

Jiang Hu stopped and looked at him silently. Shen Yexi did not understand, “Hmm, what?”

Jiang Hu spoke softly, “When I brought up a case that could possibly be related to the case on our hands, your reaction was very interesting. You ignored all of the details and zeroed in on the bloody words and the victim’s identity, which are the two characteristics specific to this case.”

“What’s so interesting about this? Normal people would have this reaction…” Shen Yexi stopped suddenly, and narrowed his eyes. “You suspect…”

Jiang Hu lifted a finger to his lips and silently mouthed “let’s wait”.

The chaos today gave everyone an enormous sense of defeat. They finally managed to find a clue and a possible suspect only to catch a corpse.

Yang Man said that Qian Sha was completely uninvolved in the previous cases. When the crimes occurred, she was not in those cities, and they could not find any link to the victims aside from Zhang Xiaoqian.

Even after completely ransacking Qian Sha’s office, they could not find anything other than the farewell letter Sheng Yao found in the beginning. Which meant that how she planned her murder, how she kidnapped Zhang Xiaoqian, whether she had an accomplice, and the meaning behind the word “Judgement”, were left completely unexplained in her vague letter.

Even until the extreme late hours, when Shu Jiu had already called multiple times in worry, Sheng Yao still did not manage to fix Qian Sha’s office computer. An aura of depressive gloom shrouded him then. As such, he naturally could not find even any useful clues.

Likely, the only gain was that due to Qian Sha’s case, they discovered that Wei Yingxian, this fat dick, had numerous assets of unclear origins, and found a parasite hidden in the public safety organization. They had inadvertently contributed to the anti-corruption job.

But when they were about to leave, Mo Cong patted Shen Yexi’s shoulders, and with a deep, meaningful tone: “To accidentally score Wei Yingxian, I am very gratified. This means that we have one fewer of such corrupted parasites who bend the law for personal gain. But until now, we don’t even have a single hair of the killer. Mn, I won’t waste your time too much, I only have one word. Comrades, look at the time, our time is limited.”

An even greater pressure weighed down on them.

Once he left, Shen Yexi waved in dismissal. “Leave, leave, all of you leave. Go home, and eat and sleep. Then, we’ll continue working tomorrow. Our time is limited, comrades!”

“You’re the one with limited time!” This was yelled by the people in unison.

Shen Yexi rolled his eyes, hooking Jiang Hu’s arm to drag him out, huffing, “If you dare, tell Chief Mo that too.”

That person watched the dispirited group disperse, and mustered all they could to force back the smugness threatening to spill on their face—so, this was the legendary elites and talents who solved countless cases. They were nothing impressive at all.

The phone in their pocket began vibrating. They took it out, and were greeted with a new MMS notification. After opening it, a transport roadmap of Wuyuan greeted them. Attached with the map was written directions. Even Song Xiaofeng’s room was labelled. They began snickering, responding gleefully, “Together?”

After a moment, the other end responded with a word—Sure.

Everyone said that the fastest thing in the world was light. But shadows had always been able to walk before light could. They felt that they were the shadow that could never be caught,the type that observed everyone’s actions in the dark.

After they returned to their own residence, they waited until it was late in the night. Then, they stopped in front of everyone’s doors to hear for any sounds. After confirming that everyone was already asleep, they silently sneaked out.

It was not hard to find Wuyuan. In the middle of the night, the most troublesome traffic congestion problem in daytime did not exist. They pulled their hat low, put on non-prescription glasses and pulled up their collar. They got on a cab and said in a low voice, “Pingjiang Road.”

The cab driver gave them two looks. Although the weather was becoming colder by the day, this man was wrapped up so excessively that he looked like a rice dumpling. It was in the middle of the night. He originally did not want to accept a passenger, especially not one dressed so strangely and heading to such an isolated place.

While searching for an excuse to reject him, the man sitting in the front passenger seat suddenly slapped his work permit in front of him. The huge police badge nearly dazzled the driver’s eyes. The cab driver was dumbfounded, only to hear the man mutter softly, “It’s a secret assignment. Don’t waste my time, the fee will be paid in full.”

The driver did not dare to ask more. He started the car and headed to Pingjiang Road, but could not resist scrutinizing this man in “plain wear” quietly. The other man seemed to sense his gaze as he kept his head low and remained silent, his hat blocking his face firmly. The cab driver was tongue-tied, mentally thinking that this officer truly had style—prudent and cool, just like 007. He would have something new to boast about.

The man got off at Pingjiang Road. After payment, he pulled the hat even lower. Both hands shoved in his pockets, he walked along the silent road. The driver originally planned to see where he was headed with the intention of enjoying the show. But the moment his attention slipped, the man vanished from his sight. Of course the driver did not dare to search for him and meddle in his business. So, he shook his head in disappointment as he reversed and drove away.

It was after a moment that the man suddenly appeared from the intersection, glancing at the direction the cab left, a cold smile on his lips.

It was already very late in the night. He quietly avoided the nurses on duty. As Song Xiaofeng was recovering well, he had already transferred out of the acute ward. Thus, the security was not as severe at the acute ward where a slight inattention could lead to a physical injury.

The man was so agile that he looked like a shadow on the wall as he sneaked his way to Song Xiaofeng’s ward. Pleased, he raised his wrist to look at his watch—it had been six minutes in total between his entry and to when he found the target.

He laughed. To be honest, calling the other to come along was just a polite gesture. He did not intend on letting him help at all, but instead desired to show off a little.

He lightly pushed the door of the ward—very good, it was unlocked.

The curtains in the room were not drawn close. Moonlight filtered in through the window. On the bed lay a person with his back against him.

The man tiptoed over as stealthy as a cat, looking down at the blankets swelling up. A cold glint flashed in his hand but he was not in a rush to throw it down. His other hand slowly reached in the direction of the person’s head.

All he had to do was cover his mouth and gently cut across his neck —

His outstretched fingers had already touched the breathing of the one lying there. He was about to press down when all of a sudden, a light chuckle came from the dark. The man’s hair immediately stood on their ends. He sharply realized that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

The “unlucky man who was waiting to be slaughtered by him” suddenly grabbed his wrist in a shockingly powerful grip, and sprang to his feet. Without error, he accurately kicked the dagger away from his hand, grabbing his neck and pressing him on the bed. Their positions had instantly switched. The “one waiting to be slaughtered” and turned into “the slaughterer”. The dagger dropped to the floor with a clank, and the room’s lights turned on.

Behind the opened door, in the shadows beside the bedside table, behind the curtain, under the bed—a good number of people seemed to have materialized from thin air as they pointed their guns to the man restrained on the bed with his neck grabbed.

Shen Yexi’s hands were trapping him like metal pincers as he let out a cold laugh. “Li Jingrong, Captain Li, you were so tardy. If you came any later, us brothers might have gone home and wash up for some sleep—”


The author has something to say:

Hehehehe, how many of you guessed right? Cough, cough, those little friends who accused all and said all of them were spies aren’t counted~~~~

The new novel that I started yesterday in madness is a gufeng danmei[1]. For now, there isn’t any summary. Updates will come at the speed of a turtle. When this title is done, I’ll give it all my attention

Translator Note:

[1] This chapter was posted on 14 June 2010. The title she was talking about is Qiye (Lord Seventh) which was posted 13 June 2010.

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