Way of the Evil Chapter 89

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The Judge 12

Li Jingrong instinctively struggled only to hear Shen Yexi laugh coldly. “If you move again, we’ll shoot you until you’re turned into a sieve. Don’t think that laozi won’t dare.”

It was said in a tone that reeked greatly of a thug.

Yang Man took out a pair of handcuffs to cuff Li Jingrong, purposefully twisting his wrists hard. “Not even beasts will be happy if I were to call you a beast. Since I can’t turn you into a sieve tonight, I can’t even sleep well for a few days.”

Shen Yexi searched Li Jingrong’s body, pulling out his phone and looking through the text messages. He snickered, “Cap Li is so capable that you even called another one out? Some of our people happen to be lying low outside. We’ll catch the homewreckers in the act tonight.”

Seeing that their target had been caught, they relaxed. An Yining swept a look at Jiang Hu. “Captain Shen, don’t talk nonsense.  What do you mean by catching the homewreckers in an act? Don’t mislead others.”

“Take this scumbag away.” Shen Yexi dragged Li Jingrong from the bed and threw him to the officers standing outside for a while. Then, he turned to wink at her. “Don’t worry. Scatterbrain Hu understands. I just taught him this last night.”

Oh——” This was said by the people meaningfully.

“?” And this was Feng Ji and the ignorant others.

“Cute little comrade, when did you know that Li Jingrong was the spy?” Yang Man gaudily shoved the gun back in the gun stock at her waist, and threw her arm around Jiang Hu’s shoulder.

“Um…” Jiang Hu turned his head to see Meng Jiayi shaking his head hard at Yang Man. He subconsciously dodged to the side. “Yang-jie, stop angering Captain Meng.”

Yang Man casted a side glance at Meng Jiayi.

Having had just caught the killer, everyone had just relaxed, so Meng Jiayi did not want to make things unpleasant. But he could not resist. Failing to suppress his urge for a while, he began nagging, “Xiao Yang, I know you don’t like me to criticize you, but you are a woman. T-This… How inappropriate is this!”

The people could not help breaking into laughter. Shen Yexi rolled his eyes at Yang Man. “You should accept an old comrade’s criticism humbly. Yang Man, if you get touchy with my darling again, I’ll start taking payments.”

Once again, Meng Jiayi choked at the obvious implication in his words that overstepped the boundaries.

Yang Man had always been carefree and never held grudges. Although she had been unhappy about the  scolding Meng Jiayi gave her in the afternoon, it took her just a short while to forget it. Now, she began to laugh carefreely as well. “Okay, okay, okay, I’ll stop messing around. Scatterbrain Hu, you didn’t reply to the question. When did you know?”

“From the moment I was sure there was a spy,” Jiang Hu said.

The people widened their eyes, looking at him as though he was an extraterrestrial being.

“It’s actually very simple. Firstly, Captain Feng was the first to be removed from the suspects.” Jiang Hu glanced at Feng Ji. The latter still donned the very same casual jacket and tank top. “Li Hongbiao’s murderer had a very distinctive characteristic: the bloody words written on the wall were written by him. Yexi had explained before that this person likely had a tendency to self-harm. And they likely were a repeated offender.”

With this, everyone understood. Feng Ji was the type of slovenly-dressed man with particularly aggressive firepower. While others could be firmly dressed in long sleeves and pants with ease, he could sweat a bucket. So, although he was considered a new face in their office, he did not care. When he felt warm, he would casually put his jacket aside, revealing his muscular arms and shoulders.

Yang Man and An Yining, the gossipers in the disguise of virtuous ladies, even secretly drooled over his body. There was no need to talk about anything else. The firm muscles and clean skin proved his innocence—First of all, Feng Ji definitely did not have the tendency to self-harm.

“So, it’s not Captain Wei either. Because in Li Zhi’s case, the victim was raped before death. Is it because Captain Wei is straight?” An Yining asked.

Wei Yu’s family situation was not too different from Su Junzi. Outside of work, he was a good househusband.

“Cases where males were raped may not necessarily be done by homosexual men.” Jiang Hu said, “In many situations, the killer felt insufficient confidence in their body or strength, and did it out of a desire to abuse or gain control. If the victims were male, they may just want a greater thrill from subduing them. Through this thrill, they make up for their weak physique.”

He raised his head to look at Wei Yu with some embarrassment. “Captain Wei, I apologize. I asked Sheng Yao to secretly check your background.”

Although surprised for a moment, Wei Yu felt immediate relief afterwards. “That’s nothing. I would check too, if I were you. These are special circumstances after all.”

Jiang Hu nodded with a smile. “Sheng Yao told me that Captain Wei and the victim, Inspector Lin, did have a very good relationship, and that you were certainly classmates from the same police academy. As old partners, you help each other out well. In actuality, Captain Wei had been in the main team, while Inspector Lin was in the secondary team. It was because of family circumstances that Captain Wei exchange positions with Inspector Lin of his own accord.”

“Captain Wei isn’t that sort of weak person either,” Shen Yexi concluded.

  Jiang Hu nodded. “Next, Captain Meng.”

Meng Jiayi mocked himself. “I’m already at this age. Getting me to chop a watermelon is doable, but I won’t be able to dismember a person.”

Everyone laughed again, finding this old man rather interesting. It was just that at times, he may be a little old-fashioned, earnest, and not too good with words.

Jiang Hu said, “For the case at Old Meng’s area, the killer stabbed the victim to death. The victim, Inspector Lu, was practically chopped into mincemeat. Clearly, the killer’s rage was extremely explosive—honestly, I’ll keep it simple. Truthfully, this type of person’s eruption is slightly similar to a flood’s. The more they suppress it, the more resistance there are, and the more horrifying it is when the dam bursts. Old Meng is someone who cannot hold his words back. Once he’s unhappy about anything, he’d say it outright. It is quite a good way to alleviate discontent.”

Yang Man muttered, “Yes, his easygoing nature is established on others’ unhappiness. Old Meng, I do believe you don’t seem like someone who would dismember others. You look more like the one who would easily make others dismember you.”

After all, Meng Jiayi was someone advanced in years. Yang Man’s words were too cheeky and imprudent, so Shen Yexi hurriedly interrupted her with a glare, “Yang Man, how could you say that?”

Yang Man glared back. “I’m also frank and forward, and incapable of holding my words back. Didn’t you hear Dr. Jiang? If you’re unhappy about anything, voicing it out is a way to relieve yourself and maintain emotional balance. If you don’t let me speak, careful one day I’ll dismember some people with a vegetable knife for fun.”

Meng Jiayi sucked in a sharp breath. “Xiao Yang, I think that if I have a daughter like you, I’ll definitely beat her to a pulp with a pole.”

“Help! Dr. Jiang, he has violent tendencies!” Yang Man jumped on Jiang Hu, making a fuss out of it.

Shen Yexi pulled her off with a hand and pushed her aside. He pulled Jiang Hu behind him and spoke gloomily, “I also have violent tendencies. I also want to beat you to a pulp with a pole.”

At this time, Sheng Yao and Su Junzi pushed someone in. Sheng Yao whistled for everyone’s attention before pushing the cuffed man in front of everyone. “Let me introduce him to everyone. This is Qian Sha’s killer.”

“And he also killed half of Zhang Xiaoqian,” Su Junzi added.

“Mhm, in total, he caused the death of one and a half people.” Sheng Yao forced the man to raise his head to let everyone see his face. “His plan of killing the third person failed tonight. He was caught outside.”

“Oh, I’ve seen this person before.” An Yining came close. “You are… from the data department. Jiang Bin, is that it?”

All thanks to this woman’s brain which seemed to be installed with a microchip. She actually remembered every single person they had investigated in the sub-bureau.

“Data department? Isn’t Zhang Xiaoqian from the data department too?” Shen Yexi asked. “You’re his colleague? Why did you kill him?”

The caught man was still quibbling, “I was only walking around outside. What? Did I break the law? Do you have proof that I killed someone?”

Shen Yexi rolled his eyes, waving Li Jingrong’s phone in front of him. Jiang Bin remembered something and paled instantly. Shen Yexi was very disdainful. “You asked for proof—if not, why was a part of Qian Sha’s letter missing? The first few procedures involved your department and allowed you to take it, right?”

Sheng Yao pursed his lips. “Qian Sha must be the one who planned it, while this guy was just an accomplice who helped to subdue the victim—I was wondering what godly virus wiped out Qian Sha’s computer, but he likely just switched out the whole hard disk!”

No wonder he could not even find a dime even after a day. It was rare for Sheng Yao to blow his top. Jiang Bin’s blunt and rough method was practically humiliating his intelligence.

“Alright. Take them all away. No sleeping tonight, we’ll take turns interrogating them.”

This night was full of bustle, as though they had been injected with chicken blood. Even Mo Cong personally rushed to the bureau in the middle of the night after receiving the call, and gave a few orders.

This was truly a huge breakthrough.The serial killer organisation that spread between cities like a virus finally had the tip of the iceberg exposed. The experienced Yang Man, Shen Yexi, Su Junzi and Wei Yu took responsibility for the main interrogation. An Yining and Meng Jiayi were responsible for looking through the details of Zhou Min’s murder. Sheng Yao was responsible for investigating the online activity of Qian Sha and the clearly brainwashed duo, Jiang Bin and Li Jingrong, who hadn’t had the time to dry out all the water from their brains. Jiang Hu lay on the table next to Sheng Yao with closed eyes in wait for the results.

After more than ten minutes, Sheng Yao suddenly straightened up and pushed Jiang Hu.

Jiang Hu did not sleep deeply and woke up immediately. “What’s wrong?”

“All three of them had logged into this chatroom before.” Sheng Yao tapped the keyboard, a pop-up window appearing on the screen. “Mn, we need a password, it’s…”

“the judgement,” Jiang Hu said.

Sheng Yao inputted it. “Wrong.”

Jiang Hu furrowed his brows. “virus.”

Sheng Yao shook his head.

Jiang Hu took off his spectacles and rubbed his dry eyes hard, silent for a moment. “Try ‘the truth’.”

Login successful—Sheng Yao turned to stare at him.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang Hu put on his glasses again and blinked.

“Are there even any passwords for Cap Shen’s bank cards that you don’t know?”

Jiang Hu broke into laughter.

Their voices attracted Meng Jiayi and An Yining over. The four leaned close to the screen. It was a short moment later when they sucked in a cold breath—

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